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  • Instant Visibility: Gain immediate exposure at the top of search results.
  • Measurable Results: Track campaign performance with precise metrics.
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Instant Targeted Website Visitors Looking For Your Services

At BeClicked Online, we understand lead generation’s pivotal role in business growth.

With our Google Ads expertise, we navigate the complexities to deliver targeted leads and enquiries, empowering your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

Let us harness the power of online advertising to drive meaningful results and propel your business towards success.

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Our Google Ads Services

Google Ads Setup

A structured Google Ads campaign ensures optimal visibility and click-through rates, precisely targeting audiences and maximising ROI for your online advertising endeavours.

Allow us to expertly craft and manage your campaign, driving success and amplifying your business’s online presence.

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Google Ads Management

Efficient management of your Google Ads guarantees precisely targeted campaigns, resulting in heightened website conversions and reduced advertising expenditure.

Our monthly management service optimises your campaigns, driving increased website visits and enquiries at the most competitive rates.

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Google Ads Audit

A Google Ads audit ensures your campaign is optimally set up for maximum ROI and identifies areas for improvement.

Our Campaign Audit provides detailed insights into your campaign’s performance and offers actionable recommendations to enhance its effectiveness and drive better results.

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Boost Your Website's Visibility for Quick Enquiries!

Let us help more people find your website so you can get enquiries faster

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Google Ads Set Up

We set up your Google Ads the right way for success

Keyword Research for Success

We research keywords relevant to your product or service, ensuring they have strong commercial intent and align with what your potential customers search for on Google.

Optimised Campaign Settings

We fine-tune your campaign settings to achieve peak performance at minimal cost, covering crucial aspects like location targeting, network selection, budget allocation, scheduling, negative keyword inclusion, and more.

Effective Tracking for Insight

We implement comprehensive tracking mechanisms to monitor users’ interactions with your website, providing invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign.

Compelling Ad Creation

Our team creates compelling Google Ads tailored to each keyword within tightly themed Ad Groups. We incorporate unique selling points, benefit-driven statements, and clear calls to action to drive clicks from interested users.

Performance Through Testing

We conduct split testing on different ads or landing pages to identify the best-performing variants. This allows us to refine your campaign and maximise your website’s conversions.

Alignment with Search Intent

We ensure that users are directed to web pages that perfectly align with their search intent, addressing all their queries and providing a seamless browsing experience.

Optimising Webpage Performance

To fully leverage the power of Google Ads, we assess and may suggest enhancements to your web pages, aiming to maximise their performance and drive increased engagement and conversions.

Tailored Bidding Strategies

We help you choose the bidding strategy that best aligns with your advertising objectives, focusing on maximising webpage conversions and ultimately driving enquiries from potential customers.

More Leads And Business Growth

Highly targeted Google Ads campaigns ensure that your ads and the visitor’s landing page align closely with the search intent entered into Google to increase leads and growth for your business.

What Our Customers Say...

Online Kitchen Store Testimonial

“We have worked with BeClicked Online for some time. Richard is helpful, informative and always willing to help.

Our business, due to the complexity is difficult to monitor per sale, but we get good traffic through our site so our campaign is successful.”

Tim Martin – Online Kitchen Store

Google Ads Management

Enhance Your Business Success With Our Expert Google Ads Management

Our monthly management services are pivotal for business owners seeking to maximise their online presence and boost profitability.

With a strategic focus on increasing enquiries and lowering the cost per enquiry, we optimise Google Ads campaigns to deliver tangible results.

We understand that your primary goal is to drive more enquiries while maintaining cost-effectiveness. That’s why our comprehensive approach involves identifying and rectifying ineffective areas while enhancing successful strategies.

By entrusting us with your Google Ads management, you can rest assured that your investment yields significant returns, propelling your business towards sustained growth and success.

we analyse and tweak various aspects to continually enhance performance. Here's what we focus on:


We regularly review keyword performance, identify new opportunities, and refine your keyword list to ensure precise targeting and ad relevance.

Ad Copy

We optimise ad copy to maintain relevance and achieve a satisfactory click-through rate from Google to your landing page.

Ad Extensions

We verify the effectiveness of your ad extensions, including sitelinks, call extensions, and location extensions, to ensure they drive the desired results.

Quality Score

We monitor and enhance your Quality Score by focusing on improving landing page experience, ad relevance, and expected click-through rate to influence ad position and cost per click.

Bidding Strategy

We assess your bidding strategy’s alignment with your campaign goals and adjust bids based on performance metrics like device, location, and time of day.

Conversion Tracking

We confirm the proper setup and functionality of conversion tracking, adjusting your bidding and targeting strategies based on conversion data.

Negative Keywords

We continuously update your negative keyword list to minimise irrelevant clicks and enhance campaign efficiency.

Ad Position

We monitor your campaign ad position and adjust bids as necessary to achieve our desired placement.

Budget & Ad Spend

We analyse your campaign budget and allocate it effectively across campaigns and ad groups to meet your goals.

Geographic Targeting

We review performance across different locations and adjust targeting settings accordingly for improved results.

Device Performance

We evaluate ad performance on various devices and tailor bids or ad copy to optimise for each device type.

Ad Scheduling

We analyse ad performance at different times and days, adjusting scheduling to maximise conversions during peak periods.

Competitor Analysis

We monitor competitor performance and strategies to identify opportunities for differentiation and campaign improvement.

Ad Testing

We continuously test different ad variations to enhance click-through rates, conversions, and overall campaign performance.

Landing Page Optimisation

We regularly review and optimise your landing pages to improve user experience, relevance, and conversion rates.

Regularly fine-tuning your Google Ads campaign boosts performance, delivering superior results.

What Our Customers Say...


“I used to manage my own Google Ads account, but after bringing in BeClicked Online, our Google Ads account is a lot more efficient – saving me both time & money!

Would definitely recommend.”

Christian Thomsen – Templecoombe

Google Ads Audit

Gain Insights from an Expert to Unlock your Google Ads Success

Are you tired of pouring your hard-earned budget into Google Ads campaigns without seeing the results you desire? Perhaps you’re unsure if your campaign is optimally structured to drive sales and enquiries.

Our Google Ads experts are here to provide the clarity and direction you need.

By investing in a comprehensive audit, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your current campaign setup.

We assess every aspect of your Google Ads strategy, pinpointing areas for improvement and highlighting growth opportunities.

You’ll receive a detailed video and PDF report, providing clear recommendations for immediate adjustments and strategic insights to guide your future efforts.

With our expertise, you can unlock the full potential of your Google Ads campaigns, maximising your returns and driving tangible results for your business.

To maximise the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign, we will analyse and provide feedback on the following:

Campaign Overview Analysis

We review impressions, clicks, click-through rate, overall cost, conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion to understand the overall performance of the campaign.

Ad Group Performance Analysis

Within the campaign, we carefully assess the metrics of each ad group and provide feedback on their current performance.

Keyword Performance Analysis

In each ad group, we evaluate the performance and relevance of each keyword to ensure optimal results.

Ads (Including Extensions) Performance Analysis

Within each ad group, we analyse the performance and relevance of each ad and extensions set up. This helps us optimise the effectiveness of your ads.

Landing Page Analysis

We analyse the landing page where visitors are directed and offer suggestions and recommendations to enhance conversions, such as enquiries and leads.

Conversion Tracking

We assess any conversion tracking implemented on your landing page and provide suggestions and recommendations to maximise performance.

Actual Search Term Analysis

We analyse the search terms visitors type into Google and click on your ad to ensure their relevance to the ad and landing page. This helps us maintain alignment and improve performance.

Campaign Ad Schedule Analysis

We analyse the ad schedule for each campaign, examining data metrics by day and hour to optimise performance.

Campaign Location Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the locations where your ads are displayed, including city, county, and postcode. This analysis helps us maximise performance.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Google Ads with Our Expert Audit

Instant visibility in Google to get more enquiries through your website

Let us help more people find your website so you can enjoy more enquiries

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